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Welcome to Reimer's Registered Rottweilers.
We are a CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) Member, Registered Kennel, RKNA & URKO Sieger Club Member & Retail Equipment Sales.  I am Canine First Aid Certified & a CKC, CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) Evaluator.  Our aim is to breed versatile, family friendly, intelligent, beautifully tempered Rottweilers.  With that in mind, we have been selective in breeding only wonderfully tempered dogs, that pass on the traits most commonly found in Rottweilers...they watch everything, are exceedingly loyal, love to play/work, and tend to bond well with all family members (cats included). We feel we best exemplify this versatility, by ensuring we have top working/show/therapy dog's throughout our bloodlines.  We try to be very involved in our community, to better socialize our dogs & better educate people about this wonderful breed.  You can often find us circulating with a few of our dogs at local events, such as 'Canada Day', 'Sound of Music Festival' & 'Ribfest', to name a few.  We feel it's important to CGN (Canadian Canine Good Neighbour) train, test & title our dogs, as part of our committment to our Community, our Dogs & the Rottweiler breed.  To date, all of our dogs have earned their CGN titles.

Rottweilers are working dogs and were originally used to herd cattle to market, and to protect them from marauders through the night.  On the return trip from the market, their owners would tie their money bags around the dogs necks, to ensure they weren't stolen.  An all purpose dog, Rottweilers often pulled carts with their owners belongings, making them an important asset to their owners and a versatile working dog. Out of this came the wonderful bond and loyalty between the owner and dog, the watchfulness, playful nature and willingness to learn.
In keeping with the German & European Standards for the last 15+ years, we are no longer docking tails or removing front dew claws on our puppies.  We recognize and appreciate the improved agility/balance/gait of our naturally tailed dogs.  The tail has an important structural purpose to the health of our dogs.

Welcome to Reimer's Registered Rottweilers.  Please check out our Dogs, Puppies & Testimonial pages to see pictures of our Dogs and Past Litters.  Check out our exciting new 'Registered' arrivals.  Watch for updates on our breedings planned for this Winter/Spring.  Also, watch for us in the show/working rings in the coming months.

We are located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Watch for updates on our Registered Rottweiler Puppies, Fall 2015.  To be added to our waiting lists or if you are interested in our Stud Services, contact Cris at or (905) 632-4618
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